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Roading Fees and Charges

Current fees and charges for roading related services.

Roading Fees and Charges

Roading and Footpaths - General

Inspections Fees 2022/23
Inspections/re-inspection (per inspection) $190.00
Project work application Actual cost
Non-Compliance Inspection Fee Per Hour ( Mileage will be charge in line with urgent inspection mileage below) $190 + mileage
Urgent inspections will incur and additional mileage fee at the current IRD rate (per km) Actual cost
Vehicle Crossing Application Fees 2022/23
Vehicle Crossing Application if no inspection required $75.00
Vehicle Crossing Application if inspection required $275.00
Temporary Road Closures Fees 2022/23
Temporary road closure costs (prior to 42 days’ notice period) $125.00 + disbursements
Application fee for Temporary road closure for event and/or group of roads (prior to 42 days’ notice period) Base fee + $150.00
Temporary road closure costs – late applications (less than 42 days’ notice period). This does not include advertising and traffic management; these are the event organisers or contractor’s cost. $500.00
External Advertising Actual cost
Damage Assessment Inspection Actual cost
Road/ Footpath Occupation Fees 2022/23
Rural Temporary Fencing and / or Road Occupation Application fee per site (Maximum term 3 years) (Breaking may occur) $160.00+disbursements
Annual footpath occupation in town centre, commercial area (including Market Place) $50/m²
Urban Hoarding/footpath occupation Application Processing Fee and road lease $370 + $13/linear metre/month
Unapproved Hoarding / footpath occupation in road reserve  Non-Compliance Fee (per occurrence) $735.00
Unapproved Hoarding / footpath occupation in road reserve Non-Compliance Fee - continuing to occupy road reserve land after non-compliance fee issued, until removed and reinstated  (per week) $160.00
Unapproved Hoarding / footpath occupation in road reserve - Removal  Actual cost
Overweight Permit Fees 2022/23
Overweight Permit$170 + disbursements
Structural Engineering ChecksActual cost
Overload of posted structure (per incident)$2625.00
Damage to StructureActual Cost + disbursements + 15%
Project works (Maintenance, Damage over and above normal levels) Actual cost
Road stopping Fees 2022/23
Road Stopping Process (per road to be stopped) Actual cost + 15%
Other Fees 2022/23
Cattle stop & Gate Across Road application fee only (excludes, advertising, inspections, dispersments, physical works and C.A.R fees)     $315.00
Penalty fee for unauthorised or non-notification of activities on or in the road reserve$315.00
Detritus removal/ cleaning/ removalActual cost
Road/ Infrastructure Damage RepairActual cost
Stock Droving and/ or Crossing License$535.00
Abandoned vehicles Fees 2022/23
Mackenzie Urban Area$210.00
Other Areas$350.00

Subdivision Inspection and Approval for Assets to be Vested or Constructed on Legal Road

Fees 2022/23
Total construction cost less than $10,000$525.00
Total construction cost greater than $10,000 2.1% of the value of the complete works

Corridor Access Request (CAR)

Fees 2022/23
Works within footpaths/berms 
Type FB1 (Minor)
Up to 6m2 and/or 20 lineal metres
Type FB2 (Major)
Greater than 6m2 and/or 20 lineal metres, but less than 10m2 and/or 100 lineal metres
Works within road carriageway (formed road) 
Type C1 (Minor)
Up to 2m2 and/or 5 lineal metres
Type C2 (Major)
Greater than 2m2 and/or 5 lineal metres, but less than 10m2 and/or 15 lineal metres
Project Work 
Areas greater than the above category types Actual cost
Additional weekly fee for where works exceed the stated period (per week)  $160.00
Seal opening reseal texturing fee per m2$15/ m2