Rubbish and Recycling Fees and Charges

Solid Waste

Public fees at a resource recovery park.

Fees for Waste Accepted via Weighbridge

Fees 2022/23
Refuse $350/tonne
Green waste $70/tonne
Metal $64/tonne
Clean Fill $35/tonne

Fees for Waste NOT Accepted via Weighbridge Refuse

Fees 2022/23
Refuse per cubic metre $91.00
Refuse minimum charge $6.00
Mattress - single $20.00
Mattress - double $35.00

Green Waste

Fees 2022/23
Green waste per cubic metre $22.00
Green waste minimum charge $6.00

Clean Fill

Fees 2022/23
Clean fill per cubic metre $45.00

Car Body

Fees 2022/23
Car body $150.00

Recyclable Materials

Fees 2022/23
Co-mingled recycling and glass (other than recyclable materials specified below)No charge
Whiteware – per item$23.00
Electronic waste - Televisions$15 each
Electronic waste - Photocopiers small and medium (under 0.5m3)$25 each
Electronic waste - Photocopiers large (over 0.5m3)$45 each
Electronic waste - all other miscellaneous items are accepted at no chargeNo charge
Metal per cubic metre$19/cubic metre
Metal minimum charge$5.00


Fees 2022/23
Car and 4WD tyres – per tyre $8.00
Truck tyres – per tyre $20.00
Tractor tyres – per tyre $50.00

Additional Roadside Collection Bins

Fees 2022/23
Additional set of bins - one off charge for a supply of second bins for a property (no charge for supply of first set of bins)$90.00
Annual cost of additional roadside collection bins (per set of bins)$354.74

Note: The cost of additional bins for 2022-2023 will be pro-rated accordingly based on the month they are ordered. An invoice will be issued for this cost.

In subsequent years the annual cost of this service will be added to your rates invoice.

Commercial Recycling

  Fees 2022/23
Commercial recycling $207.24 per tonne ex GST*

* This applies to mixed recycling disposed of by a Commercial Waste Operator as per the Solid Waste Bylaw - Twizel Resource Recovery Park only.