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Sewer Lines

The sewer line network and services within the Mackenzie district.

Sewer Lines

Sewer Line Network

In the Mackenzie District, there are presently four public sewerage schemes: Fairlie, Lake Tekapo, Twizel and Burkes Pass. There are 2,774 properties connected to these four schemes. The other properties in the district dispose of their wastewater by other means most via their own septic tank system.

Final disposal of effluent is by way of soakage trenches, basins to land or irrigation to land. These systems minimise environmental pollution and protect public health and safety by safeguarding hygiene and preventing the spread of communicable diseases.

Services Provided

External contractors undertake all the maintenance and projects in terms of contract specifications overseen by the Asset Supervisor. These include:

  • Collection and disposal of sewage that adequately meets the needs of the community.
  • Compliance with Environment Canterbury Resource Consent requirements at sewage plants.
  • The completion of improvement and maintenance projects according to Council & Community Board approvals.

Sewer line upgrades

  • Fairlie - Sewerage scheme consented and upgraded in 2003.
  • Tekapo and Burkes Pass - Sewerage schemes consented and upgraded in the 2004/2005 year.
  • Twizel - Sewerage scheme upgraded over 2018. Upgrades included a new screening plant, oxidation ponds and an additional disposal field.

Application for Services: Water / Sewer / Stormwater

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Application for Services: Allandale Rural Water Scheme

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