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Overseeing the provision and maintenance of stormwater systems.


Stormwater is rainwater running off hard surfaces - roofs, walls, driveways, roadside drains, gutters, sumps - eventually entering streams, rivers and waterways.

Council oversees the provision and maintenance of reliable reticulated stormwater systems, which protect public health, property, safety, the environment and recognises cultural values whilst realising current financial constraints both now and in the future.

External contractors undertake all maintenance and projects in terms of contract specifications overseen by the Asset Supervisor.

Resource consents for stormwater discharge at Tekapo and Twizel were approved in 2005.

Services Provided

  • On demand response to stormwater blockages, flooding and overflows.
  • Preventative maintenance and capital works programmes for stormwater extension and upgrading.

Application for Services: Water / Sewer / Stormwater

Apply for a new water, sewer or stormwater connection.

Application for Services: Allandale Rural Water Scheme

Apply for a new connection on the Allandale Rural Water Scheme

Application to Build Over Public Services within Private Property

Apply to build over public services on your property.