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Water Fees and Charges

Water Supply

Fees 2022/23
Tanker load of water Bulk Water (Maximum of 10,000 litres) $75.00

Water Supply by the Meter (Minimum Annual Fees)

Fees 2022/23
Inspections/re-inspection (per inspection) $190.00
Application for Connection/Disconnection $210.00
Water connection (20mm) $1,890.00 + reinstatement
Water connection (commercial) Actual Cost +15%
Re-allocation of units - rural supply $190.00
Fairlie $0.95/m3 (1st 700m3 before charges apply)
Tekapo $0.95/m3 (1st 700m3 before charges apply)
Twizel $0.95/m3 (1st 700m3 before charges apply)
Burkes Pass $0.95/m3 (1st 700m3 before charges apply)
Meter Special read outside of the normal cycle (including Final reading) $85.00
Water meter testing fee (On-site) (if requested by the consumer and not found faulty) $150.00
Back flow installation Actual +15% Actual +15%
Back flow testing$150.00
Restrictor Change (Quick Fill)
Charges in lieu of Urban Water Supply Rates for part of the year

Allandale Rural Water Scheme

  Fees 2020/21
Application fee$200.00
Connection fee per tank unit$235.00
Development contribution $3,900.00

Foul Sewer

Fees 2022/23
Application for Connection/Disconnection$210.00
Inspections/re-inspection (per inspection)$190.00
Septic tank/holding tank to oxidation pond   $15.00/m3 + GST

Part Year Services - New Dwellings Completed During the Year

Fees 2022/23
Solid Waste Pro-rated for length of year
Water Supply Pro-rated for length of year
Foul Sewer Pro-rated for length of year
Storm Water Pro-rated for length of year

Solid Waste, water, sewer and storm water rates will be charged as a targeted rate in the Properties Rates invoice from the following year onwards.

Financial Contributions

Council, under its revenue and Financing Policy, levies Financial Contributions. There contributions are levied for water, sewer and stormwater and are paid when new sections or multi-unit residential developments are created.

The formula used to calculate the contributions is:

V - L


  • V - Latest independent valuation of the water supply/sewerage system/stormwater system plus the value of any capital additions made since that time and less the value of depreciation charged since the date of revaluation.
  • L - Capital reserve balance with water supply/sewerage system/stormwater system as at 1 July each year. (The reserve may be in funds or overdrawn resulting in a positive or negative balance.)
  • R - Number of connectable properties (or properties for stormwater) contributing to the assets as at 1 July each year.

Schedule of Financial Contributions

Utility Fees 2022/23
Water $7,426.50 + GST
Sewer $4,595.82 + GST
Stormwater $1,722.91 + GST