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Water Restrictions

Water restrictions within the Mackenzie District.

Water Restrictions

Current Water Restrictions

Twizel – Stage 2 water restrictions from December 12 2023 until further notice
  • Irrigation is only permitted during the hours 10.00pm – 6.00am only.
Fairlie – Stage 2 water restrictions from 21 January 2024 until further notice

    Stage 2 water restrictions apply for everyone on the Fairlie town supply (including Kimbell). This means absolutely no watering of lawns and to limit all garden watering to a maximum of two hours per day.

Why do we have water restrictions?

In Mackenzie district our water comes from a variety of rain-fed sources, and we have a range of local climates and average rainfall totals. We are a district which is growing with new properties being built and new people moving to join us. We are also starting to see the impacts of climate change and over the coming years our district will face increasing extreme weather conditions. This will have an impact on our water supplies.

It often seems that water is abundant, but drinkable tap water is not an infinite resource - only about 1.2% of the planet’s water is suitable for drinking. Safe drinking water is also expensive to produce and supply to our houses.

During extreme dry spells we put in place water restrictions to ensure we are all using water wisely. When we’re in a drought, we don’t know when it’s going to end, so restrictions are a smart and proactive way of conserving water and minimising wastage.

Our restrictions limit outdoor water use. This means we can focus on having water for use in our homes and for our commercial customers. It is important that people aren’t letting their hoses run wild when water is scarce.

We have five stages of water restrictions that we can apply during dry spells:

Five stages of restrictions

Water restrictions dial graphic

1Conserve waterMaximum 4 hours watering permitted each day, including lawns.
2Sprinkler and hose restrictionsMaximum 2 hours watering permitted each day. No watering of lawns.
3Single hand-held hose onlyMaximum 1 hour watering permitted each day. No watering of lawns.
4Single hand-held hose onlyMaximum 30 minutes watering permitted each day. No watering of lawns.
5Total hose banNo watering permitted.