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Tekapo Lakefront Improvement Project

Council and the Tekapo Community Board are pleased to share details of forthcoming improvements to the Takapō lakefront.

The Takapō/Tekapo Lakefront Minor Improvements Project will deliver on the community’s desire to improve the public space along the Takapō lakefront. The addition of well-connected high-quality paths and other landscaping improvements will make this high-profile area more attractive and accessible for locals and visitors.

The project will create a continuous pathway connection from Tekapo Springs in the West, along the main reserve waterfront to the pedestrian bridge to the Church of the Good Shepherd. It will also improve the reserve area between the main playground by the Four Square and the main car park.

The work will continue on from the Lake Front/Town Centre improvements, begun with the expanded car park, new toilets and playground installation that has taken place over the last decade.

It is recognizing the area between the highway and the lake edge needed to cater better for the high number of visitors the town receives, would support economic growth and create a desirable community space for residents.

Project details have been agreed with the Tekapo Community Board. Staff are working with lake level data to ensure the path will not be impacted by high lake levels. The contract is being finalized, and we expect work will be underway from June. Concrete will be laid in spring, with completion of the work scheduled for mid-November 2022.

Project Details