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Responsible camping is caring for our spectacular environment as much as we do.


Camping Locations in the Mackenzie District

There are a number of recreational camping areas within the Mackenzie District, located near Fairlie, Tekapo and Twizel.

  • Fairlie Holiday Park
  • Tekapo Holiday Park
  • Glentanner Holiday Park
  • Twizel Holiday Park
  • Lake Ruataniwha Holiday Park
  • Lake Alexandrina Campground
  • Lake Poaka

Note: open fires/fire-pits are prohibited at the above sites.

Visit CamperMate.co.nz or download the free app for full details.

  • Lake Opuha
    • Bennetts Road*
    • Hayes Road*
    • Opuha Gorge Road*
  • Edwards Stream
  • The Pines Campsite, Lake Pukaki
  • Lake Wardell
  • Lake Ruataniwha (west end site only).

* Camping not permitted at these locations between 23 December and second Monday in January.

Mackenzie District Council welcomes Responsible Camping. We have provided additional summer areas and facilities for those with a certified self-contained vehicle. Find a full directory of all camping spots on line at CamperMate.co.nz or download the free app.

Responsible camping

Responsible Campers leave no trace and help keep our communities and natural environment free from pollution and waste.

  • Use a designated wastewater dump station
  • Use the provided toilet (or your own)
  • Use your own facilities for bathing, washing, and toileting
  • Dispose of rubbish and recycling using bins provided or at the transfer station
  • Park in areas specifically designated for your vehicle type

A self-contained vehicle must meet the Caravan Self Containment Certification standard. You will need to be able to live in it for three days without getting more water or dumping waste. It must have:

  • a toilet
  • fresh water storage
  • waste water storage
  • a rubbish bin with a lid.

A self-containment certificate warrant card must be displayed at all times.

Contact Mackenzie District Council on 03 685 9010 or 0800 685 8514 to report any camping in non-designated areas, pollution, or public nuisance. Contact Department of Conservation (DOC) on 0800 362 468 for any wildlife or conservation concerns.

There are large campervan parks available in Twizel. Please read any signage and be considerate when parking in multiple parking spaces.

Instant fines of $400 may be issued.

Further information