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Bin Collections

Council operates a kerbside collection service to township areas and limited rural areas in the Mackenzie District.

Bin Collections

This week's bin collection
Red bin and Blue bin Green bin
Yellow bin and Blue bin Green bin

Eligible properties are provided with a red wheelie bin for residual rubbish, a yellow wheelie bin for mixed recycling, a green wheelie bin for organics and a blue glass crate for glass. The red and yellow wheelie bins are collected in alternate weeks, while the blue glass crate and green organics bin are collected weekly.

Collection Day, Calendars and Maps

To download a collection calendar for your area please click on the link below. If you're in Twizel please refer to the map in the section above to see if you're in the inner our outer collection area.

DayLocation (2024 dates)Map
MondayTwizel - OuterCollection day map
TuesdayTwizel - InnerCollection day map
Albury, Burkes Pass and Kimbell

What goes in each bin?

If you are not sure of what can go in each bin, check underneath the lids of your red, yellow and green wheelie bins for labels that list what can go in each bin.

Wheelie Bin - Red

Click to view larger - PDF, 3526.42 KB

Items for the red rubbish bin include:

  • General rubbish eg. dirty nappies.
  • Animal droppings
  • Paper handtowels, newspaper, tissues, serviettes and non-brightly coloured shredded paper
  • Polystyrene.
  • Teabags and coffee filters.
  • Disposable coffee cups.
  • Plant pots.
  • 'Compostable' paper packaging.
  • Non-recyclable plastics eg. plastic food wrap, toys, garden hose.
  • Clothes, fabric, pillows or shoes.
  • Crockery, eg broken plates and cups.
  • Medical waste.
  • Ashes from your fire place - wait until they are cool before putting in your red bin.
  • Cigarette butts - wait until they are cool before putting in your red bin.
  • Juice cartons.
  • Aluminium trays and foil.
  • Aerosol cans.

Wheelie Bin - Yellow

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All recycling should be clean and loose. It's easy, just give bottles and containers a quick rinse and keep items loose.

Any recycling that is tied up inside a plastic bag will not go through our sorting system and will end up in landfill - don't waste your good recycling efforts, shake it out of the bag and into your yellow bin.

These items can go in your yellow bin:

  • plastic bottles, clear plastic trays and plastic containers numbered 1, 2 and 5 only (larger than a yoghurt pottle and smaller than 4 litres)
  • food and drink tins and cans
  • paper and cardboard, including clean pizza boxes

If it is not on this list, keep it out of your recycling bin.

Ever thought about where your recycling goes?

Recycling collected in yellow bins in the Mackenzie District is sent to Timaru, where it is processed at the Timaru Materials Recovery Facility, operated by Enviro NZ.

Wheelie Bin - Green

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  • Food scraps, skins and cores
  • Vegetable scraps, peelings and stalks
  • Cooked food
  • Breads, grains and pasta
  • Dairy
  • Egg shells
  • Meat and fish bones
  • Coffee grounds and loose tea leaves
  • Indoor-cut flowers
  • Garden Waste – excluding cabbage tree leaves and flax leaves
  • Grass clippings

Wheelie Bin - Blue

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Glass bottles and jars go in the Blue Glass Crate, not your yellow bin.

Glass - What goes where

Glass bottles and jars must go in the blue glass crate. All other types of glass go into the red rubbish bin.

If your glass crate is overfull then it makes it difficult to pick up safely without breaking glass on the footpath or road.

No glass is to go into the yellow and green bins. If so, the collection truck drivers will reject the bin from collection.

Need an extra glass crate?

If you regularly have too much glass for one glass crate, an extra crate can be provided. Request a bin here.

Commercial collections

Commercial rubbish and recycling collections are available through Envirowaste - please contact them on 0800 240 120

General kerbside collection information

  • Bins need to be out by 7am on your collection day.
  • Place each bin half a metre apart, to allow for the bin collection truck's automatic arm to fit between the bins.
  • Wheelie bin lids must be fully closed and glass must not be piled above the height of the crate.
  • Wheelie bins are stamped with a unique number and allocated to individual properties, they should not be shifted between properties. If you have built a new home and need a set of bins, please contact us.
  • If your bin has been damaged or stolen, please contact us on 03 685 9010

Request bin

Request a new set of wheelie bins, or an extra set.