Water Supplies Activity Management Plan - 2018-2028

We protect public health and the environment by supplying water to the District’s population through the operation of six individual water supplies. These water supplies are located at:

  • Fairlie
  • Lake Tekapo
  • Twizel
  • Burkes Pass
  • Allandale
  • Albury

There is also a water supply at Pukaki Airport which is operated by Council.

Council supports this service by:

  • Providing, operating and maintaining water infrastructure in compliance with New Zealand legislation and standards
  • Responding to call outs and service disruptions quickly and efficiently
  • Planning for future development and needs

The purpose of the Water Supply Activity Management Plan is to outline Council’s long-term asset management approach for the provision and intergenerational management of water throughout the District.

This may also be considered the overall objective of Asset Management. This AMP is intended to be read in conjunction with the Long Term Plan (LTP) and fulfils requirements of the LGA Schedule 10.

Water Supplies Activity Management Plan
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